Imagine This Scenario

It’s 3.00pm. Your eyelids are heavy and you are barely staying awake to get yourself through the rest of the day. You start to grab yourself a cup of coffee, look for snacks or sweets to munch on. Sounds all too familiar?

Our founder of Amayze was one of those guilty as charged! Coming from over 15 years of corporate work life, she often find herself in this situation and realize that trying to stay focus and alert especially during the second half of the day can be very challenging. She finds herself running to the pantry to make a cup of coffee before hoping into the next meeting. In most meetings or even in her own workspace, there will always be snacks and junk food passed around to keep everyone awake in the afternoons.

That was what sparked the idea of YOU GOT THIS, why not a product that can curb that lack of energy in a deliciously healthier way? AND at the same time be your ‘motivation’ boost to cheer you on - Yes, You Got This!

Created together with a team of experienced researchers and nutritionists, YOU GOT THIS is specially formulated to provide you that energy boost that you need to keep you going for the day. Comes in a convenient liquid sachet, bring it along with you in your bag, to your meeting and boost up anytime, anywhere!

Formulated with ingredients like Korean Red Ginseng, WolfBerries & Mixed Berries, YOU GOT THIS not only provides you the boost of energy you need, it also protects your eye health (everyone is guilty of staring into some form of screen for long hours!). Plus, at the same time rejuvenate your skincells (ahem, air con and UV rays) with the powerful antioxidants that are found in the mixed berries.

When taken consistently on a daily basis, YOU GOT THIS will give you positive results to your overall health and immune systems.


    To simply put, it pronounces as amaze and is created to bring elements of inspiration and surprise because we want you to live an

    Amayze-ing life!


    We aim to empower you to reach your life goals,the healthier way. We want to be able to inspire communities through health and wellness, with a motivational twist!


    The leaf on our logo represents life, health and nature. It is also a symbol of hope and growth. A little boost goes a long way!